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Consumer Health Care – Science & Services GmbH offers various services aimed at increasing the safety of use of medicinal products.

Since the regulations came into force in September 2005, we have been actively involved in readability user testing. Over this period, we have successfully performed numerous readability user tests for the patient information leaflets both of medicinal products for various indications and in various forms and of diagnostics, as part of national and European marketing authorisation procedures. Our clients consist of small, medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies that operate nationally and internationally.

Readability user tests are conducted in accordance with the latest statutory requirements of the European Commission, the British authority MHRA and the German regulatory authorities BfArM and PEI.

We provide readability user tests of your patient information leaflets in German and English: professional, expert, fast and reliable.

We make your patient information leaflets easier to understand.
Make use of our experience!

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